Bursaries & Grants (Undergraduates)

Bursaries are awarded to students with a SQA Gaelic qualification (either learners or native speakers) who are about to leave school and embark on a Gaelic course at a Scottish University. Appropriately qualified mature students may also be considered for a Bursary award.

Bursaries are promoted through all schools offering Gaelic in its curriculum. Students may apply directly by submitting a Bursary Application Form to the Clerk to the Governors or via their University department once they start their Undergraduate programme.

The Trust supports not only students proceeding to a traditional MA, but also suitably qualified students studying Gaelic education at UG level or studying traditional music and song (with Gaelic) at RSAMD.

A Bursary award is currently £400 per annum.

Grants of an equivalent value to Bursaries, £400 per academic year, are awarded on the recommendation of a student’s Head of Department and may be awarded to students from second year onwards.