Bursaries & Grants (Undergraduates)

Bursaries are awarded to students with a SQA Gaelic qualification (either learners or native speakers) who are about to leave school and embark on a Gaelic course at a Scottish University. Appropriately qualified mature students may also be considered for a Bursary award.

Bursaries are advertised in the press and additionally, every school offering Gaelic in its curriculum is notified annually of the availability of Bursaries. Students may apply directly by submitting a Bursary Application Form and copies of their SQA Certificates to the Clerk to the Governors.

The Trust supports not only students proceeding to a traditional MA, but also suitably qualified students taking BEd Gaelic courses in Gaelic education or studying traditional music and song (with Gaelic) at RSAMD.

A Bursary award is currently £1000 over a 4-year course.

The closing date for applications each year is 15th June.

Grants of an equivalent value to Bursaries, £250 per session, are awarded on the recommendation of a student’s Head of Department and may be awarded to students from second year onwards.

It is IMPORTANT that applicants read the detailed guidance before submitting their application. A hard copy of the application form bearing the applicant’s signature must be submitted. Incomplete application forms will not be considered.